Freshmen Class Advisory

About Advisory

The goal of Advisory is to assist students in demonstrating the Oregon Diploma Requirements: Education Plan and Profile, Career-Related Learning Experiences, and Essential Skills. The Advisory activities in Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior year help students build their portfolio and prepare them to be successful in the Senior Project their senior year. The goal of the Senior Project is to assist students in demonstrating the Oregon Diploma Requirements: Extended Application Standards, Career-Related Learning Standards and Essential Skills. As a culmination of many Career-Related Learning Experiences, the Senior Project allows students to showcase their academic accomplishments and their post-high school preparation. Below is a document that outlines the activities students will do in advisory which will help them demonstrate Oregon diploma requirements along with a calendar noting due dates for these activities.

Advisory Grading Policies

All Advisory activities will be graded on a 6-point scale, with a score of 4 meeting the standards. The following scoring guide will be used to score Education Plans and Profiles, in addition to all grade-level career experiences. Students will reflect on their work on the scoring guide as part of their assessment. Students must receive scores of at least 4 on all advisory activities to earn credit for advisory. Work that does not pass the standards will need to be resubmitted. Students will earn a letter grade and .25 credits for each year of Advisory. All four years of Advisory credit are required for graduation.

Scappoose High School Education Plan

This plan is a working document that will help guide you through your career at SHS and beyond. Work with your parents, advisor and guidance counselor to prepare this plan – you will update and revise it at the beginning of each school year in advisory. You will use the Career Cruising online program in advisory in connection with the SHS Curriculum Guide in completing your education plan. This plan will help you determine personal, academic and career goals, and what steps you need to take to reach those goals.

Scappoose High School Education Profile

In Advisory, you will compile a collection of evidence that provides documentation of your progress toward reaching your personal, academic, and career goals as outlined in your Education Plan. It will be a record of your accomplishments and achievements. It will document the steps you have taken to prepare yourself for post-high school. You will update it and add to it each year in advisory. This collection of evidence will be the foundation for developing your Senior Seminar project.

For a more detailed explanation of the Education Plan and Profile Oregon Diploma requirements, please read the attached information, taken from the ODE website.

Career Interest Surveys

The Career Cruising website has assessments that will help guide your career exploration. Follow the link below, click "explore assessments," and take each of the four surveys: career matchmaker, my skills, ability profiler, and lerning style inventory. To login, use "scappoose" for username and "indians" for the password.
Career Cruising Website

Career Interest Research

After completing your surveys, research the careers listed in results. To do this, return to the Career Cruising website and login with the same information listed above. Click on "explore careers," then "search by index" and begin your research.

Use your survey results and internet research to complete the document below.